St. Thomas Sustainable Development Plan - Visioning Workshop 2016

The St. Thomas Local Sustainable Development ( STLSDP) is  a tool  by which residents  of St. Thomas  are encouraged to actively participate in the  planning and sustainable  development of the parish. The basic objective of the  Plan is to provide an improved quality of life  for the  residents by creating  a parish of choice to live, raise families and do  business.

In order to prepare this Plan, the  St. Thomas Local Sustainable Development Planning Unit was created with assistance from the primary stakeholders, being  the St. Thomas Parish Council - the  Local Autority and the Sugar Tranformation Unit through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The St. Thomas Local Sustainable Development Planning Unit is at present conducting a series of Visioning Workshops where the "grass root" members of the communities and districts throughout the parish share their vision of developments and improvements over the next twenty years. Their vision, articulated into four basic and interrelated pillars, will not only guide the  future development of their community but that of the  parish and ultimately Jamaica.

Another  component of the Plan is a comprehensive land use for the entire parish. This survey is important as it analyses  current land use patterns and provides direction for future policy development and land use proposal thereby maximising the potential while maintaining harmony within the environment.