Roads and Works Department

The Roads and Works Department is the Operations arm with the Administrative arm of the Corporation. The Chief Engineering Officer  of Roads and Works is guided by many Acts; however, specific reference is being made to the Parochial Road Act. The Chief Engineering Officer of Roads and Works is appointed as aforesaid shall be the Chief Engineering Officer and Advisor of the Municipal Corporation in relation to Parochial Roads and Works.
Roles of the Department

  • Parks and Beautification
  • Maintenance of Cemeteries
  • Maintenance of Parochial Roads & Drains
  • Maintenance of Council Building and Lands
  • Building, Subdivision and Quarry Inspection  
  • Minor Water Supplies
    • Hillside Supply
    • Rowlandsfield Supply
    • Aelous Valley Supply
    • Beacon Hill Supply
    • Hayfield Supply
    • Hermitage Supply
    • Water Valley Supply
    • Penlyne Castle Supply
    • Lloyds Supply
    • Pear Tree River Supply 
    • Sunning Hill Supply
    • Johnson Mountain / Spring Bank Supply