St. Thomas Infirmary

The Morant Bay Infirmary is situated in close proximity to the ruins of what is considered the first built Anglican Church in the Parish of St. Thomas. Incidentally, the tombs that are located on the premises are the ruins dated to the 18th Century. It is safe to assume that the site of the infirmary was chosen by its proximity to the church, since it was appendage of the church.
Purpose and Function
The St. Thomas Infirmary comprises of residents from among vulnerable groups such as the registered poor, homeless, abandoned elderly and persons with slight mental challenges.
Under the care of the state through the Matron, the infirmary is responsible for providing and monitoring the residents’ diets, health needs and occupational therapy activities to ensure their physical, emotional and mental well-being are balanced.
Mission Statement
The Mission of the St. Thomas Infirmary is to give proper care and comfort to all the residents who enter the institution and to ensure that their basic needs are met: and in so doing, enhance the quality of life by providing a spiritual and client friendly environment for them, their family and the community.